Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Searching for "me" time

I have been in desperate search of "me" time lately.  Well, more than lately but recently it has become very needed.  I can't go to the bathroom without someone screaming for me.  I play referee when I am in the shower and I am putting on tattoos while typing.  I do consider myself a great multi tasker but it would be great to sit, read, write, stare into space, anything at all for that matter.
It has taken me an entire day to write this post with 14,298 interruptions.  My husband left the house at 4:30 this morning to go surf before work and I wasn't able to fall back to sleep.  I thought to myself this just might be the "me" time I have been searching for.  I grabbed my computer, turned it on, got comfy on my bed and started catching up on life, facebook, e-mail, blogs.  10 minutes later a little boy wandered into my room and needed his back rubbed.  Seriously??  He hopped up on the bed and laid down for me to rub his back and fall back to sleep.  Then I hear this awful noise coming from the dog crate next to my bed.  The dog was getting sick.  So much for "me" time.  Now I have been up since 4:30 and still didn't get time to just do what I wanted.  This made me so frustrated because I want to give my all when I am with the kids but without breaks or taking time for yourself, it makes it hard to keep giving.  If I was at a job I would be taking a lunch hour and 15 minute breaks every 4 hours, or whatever the rule is.  I called my sister, because that is what I do when I get in my cranky funk.  She usually has some good stories to put me back into perspective and lift my spirits.  It worked and I was ready to bring on the day with love and joy.

I took to heart what Erin wrote on today's guest post for Ashley's blog from the Shine Project and embraced my camera to capture my joy.
The sky was gorgeous today, I couldn't capture it on my camera so you'll have to take my word for it. 

This happy guy makes me smile 

 My dad came over for a visit

 We are celebrating Daisy's 9th birthday today.  We have no idea when her actual birthday is so we chose August since that is the month we adopted her and we just pick a random day because I am pretty awful at remembering birthdays.

 Some frozen yogurt always lifts the spirits

 Giggles with my daughter

What better way to end the day than with a nice warm bath....
filled with love

I know one day I will be missing the constant neediness because these babies will be all grown up and I will have plenty of "me" time.  So until then, I think what I really need is sleep.  That would be the best break of all.  A solid, full night sleep where I wake up on my own way after the sun comes up.  


  1. Well, the good news is you look fabulous in that outfit with your daughter on the porch! But seriously, I know exactly what you mean. "Me" time is mandatory for giving it your all with the kiddos. There's just no getting around it! I vote you book yourself a massage and then a pedicure next weekend!

  2. I second that idea!! Give it to yourself for Daisy's birthday! (Not that you need a reason to get one!)

    Hey how about the girls leave the kids with the guys on saturday and go get pedi's!! That would be a blast! And a freaking PIPE DREAM!! LOL!

    PS: I bought pumpkin today!! Yummy!! ; )

  3. I have been REALLY feeling this lately. Feeling like I need a break, that I need "me" time. And I only have a little todder, so I can only imagine what you are feeling. Sometimes I feel so selfish and guilty for feeling selfish because I so often want more "me" time. It's a hard thing and I never know what to do about it!

  4. Sleep in so underrated. I want to go to a spa day where all I can do is sleep!


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