Thursday, February 7, 2013


First of all I would like to thank everyone for their warm wishes, prayers, text messages, phone calls, e-mails and most of all, love!!  Every time I felt so alone I would check my phone and realize I was not alone. Thank you!

I was going to write this post yesterday when I got home from the hospital but I thought twice since I was so looped up.  It would have been funny though.

I was scheduled for a laparoscopic surgery after an ultrasound revealed a few growths inside of me and to explore where the pain was coming from.  You can read about that here.

I have had so much anxiety the past week about this procedure and was ready to cancel so many times. I cried {hysterically} more times than I can count and when Anthony came down with the flu the day before I didn't think I could handle anymore.  Nothing was going as planned and I was freaking out.  I am so grateful for my friends and family that listened as I told them all my irrational fears since I couldn't go near my husband who was supposed to be my rock.

My mom took me to the hospital which I was extremely grateful for.  She's the only other person I will let help me in the bathroom.  As soon as we arrived at Palomar {the new one} we got star treatment.  We were escorted up to the surgery area and met with a volunteer to go over a few things.  Right away a nurse came out and got me.  I said good-bye to my mom and started crying.  Not a huge surprise.  The nurse gave me the best hug and told me everything would be ok.  She took me to a really nice room and another nurse came in for another big hug.  She was so wonderful!!  I got comfy in my bed and they brought my mom back in to sit with me.  Since I have "so many rare diseases" as the doctor kept telling everyone, they were taking extra precautions.  I did have a hard time regulating my body temperature and when it went up to 102 they removed my comfy warm blankets.  My fever never did go away.

The anesthesiologist came in and was by far the best one I have EVER had!!!  He was so on top of everything.  He was a little disappointed that he didn't have a heads up on my case because he needed to double check on the types of meds I can use.  I gave him the recommendation from my neurologist and for the first time, I had a "normal" wake up.  I still shook but I wasn't having the usual uncontrollable convulsions followed by a body temp drop to 95* and then a 5 hour stay in recovery just trying to wake up.  This time I woke up feeling pretty good.  Still had a fever but I was happy I didn't get hypothermic.  Never felt nauseous and was actually really hungry.  I love Zofran!!  And I love Demerol. 

The doctor came in and told me they removed 2 or 3 {I can't remember} cysts from my left ovary and she removed adhesions and scar tissue {from the hysterectomy 4 years ago} from my right side.  The masses in the liver are deep in the tissue and she can't see them with out cutting it open so I will be seeing the GI specialist in a month.  I am praying that we can monitor them through imaging and just leave them alone because I really don't want to have another surgery.  It kind of hurts.

The nurses, volunteers, staff and doctors were all so wonderful.  The hospital was great and I am going to go back to check out the cafeteria.  I heard they have a nice patio.

I came home and soon after my babies were brought back to me.  They stayed with me in my room since Anthony is still in quarantine.  I haven't had a chance to catch up on my t.v or do my crocheting but the rate that I'm healing I think I will have plenty of time.  

The pain meds wore off later in the evening and then I remembered I had surgery.  I was so uncomfortable and of course I didn't fill my prescriptions.  I didn't think I would need anything stronger than ibproferen.  I fell asleep and Wyatt woke me up at 3:00 to tell me he was scared.  Talk about feeling helpless.  I told him to go back and lay down and I would stay awake so he had nothing to be scared about.  It took some coercing but he finally did.  I kept my promise and stayed awake. Until 6:00. The kids woke up 50 minutes later....  The pain was so bad but I didn't want to wake anyone so I dealt with it.  Anthony's fever is gone so I think I might welcome him back to our room for some help.

Thank you again for all of the support and prayers.  You guys were my cheerleaders and we did it!  We are on the road to recovery now and I couldn't be more grateful!!!!!

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