Friday, October 26, 2012

i did it!!

I donated my hair.  
I didn't realize how attached I became to those extra 11 inches until I sat down in the chair and prepared for that first cut.  My friend came for moral support, or maybe she was there because she knows I would have chickened out.  Knowing that the hair was going to someone that needed it more than I did felt great.  Alexis donated her hair back in June of 2011 and I started growing my hair out to do the same at that point.  However, I became attached to having long hair.

I decided I would wait until Alexis' hair grew out and she was ready to do it again and we would do it together.  But I became impatient (big surprise, I know) and decided I would just wait until May and do it for my 35th birthday but I realized that was 10 years away ;)  Finally, I had enough of if.  It became too much for me to take care of and was time to pass it on to someone else.  Pretty cool that we can do that isn't it?

Immediately it felt so much better.  I got into my car and didn't get it stuck in my door, or my seat belt, or the arm rest.

The hair will be sent to Locks of Love and I plan on growing it out and doing it again as soon as I can.

Friday, October 19, 2012

guest post

Happy Friday Everyone! I have a guest post for you today by Holly from Healthy Living Healthy Life. Holly's blog is full of healthy tips, food, fitness and family. Check her out.... Hello there, readers! My name is Holly, mom to three and healthy living advocate! In fact, my passion for living a full life led me to begin my blog, Healthy Living Healthy Life! We all know though, that a healthy life does not begin and end with what food we choose to put into our bodies. To truly live a sound lifestyle, we need to be well-rounded, wise and considerate. Everyday I try to teach my own children these sentiments, but what better time of year to truly demonstrate what it means to live well than our current season: FALL AND THE HOLIDAYS!
Oh yes, it's the best time of year for more than a few reasons! Every year my family works with a low-income organization here in Phoenix (home-sweet-home!) where we adopt several families. We strive to pick ones where the children are close in age to my own, then our kids have the privileged of shopping for each of them. Talk about growth as a family, both on the individual level and the familial level.

Well there was one year none of us will ever forget. It involved a bed and many tears. Shouts of happiness and firm hand shakes. We will never, ever forget that year. What happened in the end, you ask? Come on over and check it out, I would be honored to share with you and to hear if any of you have any serving stories that are particularly poignant in your memories!

Also, I would love to hear about your healthy choices and actions on here! Let's link arms and build a platform for healthy mommy-hood, healthy self-hood (that's a word, right?) and of course, HEALTHY LIVING!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

happy birthday, anthony

Dear Anthony,

Today is your 34th birthday.  I have been blessed to spend the last 11 birthdays with you and in those 11 years I have watched you grow from an amazing guy into an incredible husband and father.  You give so much of yourself to others and never expect anything in return.

You have been right by my side from the time I first got sick until now.  You give me so much strength and hope and when I want to be weak, you help me be strong.  You have more on your plate than most people yet you never complain.  In fact, you take on more.

I love how grounded you are and how you keep such a level head about everything.  When something happens I'm the first to jump up and want to react, sometimes inappropriately.  You balance me in that aspect and believe it or not, you have taught me so much about how to handle situations that are not in our hands.

I love how much you have taught me about life in general.  I love watching you teach others about life.  I love your happy nature, your ability to bring joy to others.

I love watching the kids get so excited when you come home.  I love how you always have time and energy to wrestle them even when you've been up all night at work.  I love that you are their father and you have such an important role in their lives.

Together we made a family that I am so grateful for.
Together we live a life full of love.
Together we will walk through this journey of life.

I love you so much!!

{some pics from the past year and a half}

Monday, October 15, 2012

happy camp

This past weekend we took a long overdue family vacation.  My sister and I have been blessed with such awesome neighbors and they both generously loaned us their RV's for the weekend.  My sister lives in Canyon Lake, "a bit of paradise".  Inside the bubble is a campground called Happy Camp and it was everything happy this weekend!
As soon as we arrived Anthony took the kids fishing.  Wyatt was so determined to catch a fish so every chance he got, he was out there with his pole.

First thing in the morning, we watched the sunrise from the dock.  Still determined.

 Not going to give up....


She didn't catch a fish but she tried very hard to catch a duck or two.

 It was so wonderful for all the cousins to be together for the weekend.
 That's my husband using the lily pad as a wrestling mat.

 After the fishing, we went skiing.  That's my nephew who just turned 7 on a slalom ski.
 Seriously, he's 7.
 After skiing he showed us his stunts on the wake board.
 Guess what happened next...
 Wyatt and Freedom trying to catch a duck.
my sister and myself with our girls

 My brother, sister and I 

Our crew
We had such a great time together!!!  Can't wait to do it again!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

life lately

Life lately
It's been nice to get into a bit of a routine, the inconsistent kind that I prefer.  School has been getting a little easier now that we are in the 5th week... only tears, no more screams.  Here are some pics of what we have been up to.

Waking up to beautiful sunrises of course.

The stache is in full force with the wife very ready for Stachetoberfest on October 8th.

Alexis had her first Brownie meeting and of course I cried.  All the songs that I sang when I was in Girl Scouts came right back to me.  I am so excited for Alexis to make the same wonderful memories and friendships that I made. 

We had a couple of caterpillars and watched the life cycle unfold from our mantel.  

When the butterflies came out of their cocoons we took them outside to set them free.

My sister Leslie and I on our way to our mini High School reunion.  It's been 16 years and thanks to Facebook, one of our friends was able to put together a party for everyone to get together.

I didn't make it long that night and didn't take many pictures.  But the people that I did see, it was so wonderful to catch up and re-connect!!!!

A huge thanks to Chelsea here for putting it all together!!

The next morning, Anthony and I woke up early for the Care to Wear Pink Event that North County Fire Protection District and the Kairin Clinic put on.  It was a great turn out but this picture shows how slow we (I) were.  There is one man standing down there holding the cheering sign... everyone had already finished the 5K but my scooter only goes 3 mph.  As our friend Camille said, anyone can place in the top 3 but coming in last... only one can do that :)  Thanks for walking with us, Camille!

The rest of that day was spent sleeping on the couch.

That's what we've been up to lately... how about you?

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