Monday, August 29, 2011

A few days in photos

Here is a bit of a camera dump from the last few days.  
My hired help 

 Day 1 sunrise... ahhh breathtaking.  I love this time of morning

 Day 2 sunrise.  So pretty, the air was still and warm.

 Book pick up and picture day at school.

 Day 3 sunrise.  Beautiful, but so is my bed.  Getting up is so hard but once I get outside and see this I feel so good. {until about 11 when I'm ready for a nap}

{these dogs sure make a lot of my posts}
 Wyatt next to the flowers that my husband brought home for no apparent reason :) {except that the week before I cried about never getting flowers and stuff}

I couldn't figure out why these mums were dying and the other ones I have were great.  Then I saw the culprit.  

 First day of homeschool integrated program.

Classroom all set up and ready to go.... except I didn't have the lesson plans = PARENTAL FAIL

So she sharpened pencils


  1. More sky pic's! ;) Love!
    Last evening 'our' sky was pink too!
    I couldn't resist either! :)
    I could use a pencil sharpener.
    Does she hire out? ;)

  2. Those sunrise pictures are amazing! Do you get up every day to see them? I love your homeschooling room! I don't have any kids yet, but I am totally leaning towards homeschooling!

  3. Love the flowers and the sharpening of pencils of humor!

  4. That sunset is unreal! Your have such a cute little fam..and YOU are beautiful Momma!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I am never up with the sun but it sure is pretty :)
    I love how you got flowers after 'crying' for them, I should try that lol
    Have a beautiful week Karen...

  6. LOL at the dog!!!! hahah, beautiful sky images, i love those kind of pictures! this is the best time of year for those, really rich colors :)


  7. love those flowers! and sharpening pencils is a great place to start;) xo

  8. those sunrise pictures are so so beautiful! its so worth getting up that early isnt it..even if it is ridiculously hard to get out of bed haha.

    i love how your husband bought you flowers after you cried over never getting them haha. thats amazing!

    so happy i just found your following x

  9. Love this post! Those pencils made me think of the line in You've got Mail about a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils haha :)

  10. I bow down to any mama that home schools. your photos are gorgeous. Praying for you friend!


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