Friday, October 26, 2012

i did it!!

I donated my hair.  
I didn't realize how attached I became to those extra 11 inches until I sat down in the chair and prepared for that first cut.  My friend came for moral support, or maybe she was there because she knows I would have chickened out.  Knowing that the hair was going to someone that needed it more than I did felt great.  Alexis donated her hair back in June of 2011 and I started growing my hair out to do the same at that point.  However, I became attached to having long hair.

I decided I would wait until Alexis' hair grew out and she was ready to do it again and we would do it together.  But I became impatient (big surprise, I know) and decided I would just wait until May and do it for my 35th birthday but I realized that was 10 years away ;)  Finally, I had enough of if.  It became too much for me to take care of and was time to pass it on to someone else.  Pretty cool that we can do that isn't it?

Immediately it felt so much better.  I got into my car and didn't get it stuck in my door, or my seat belt, or the arm rest.

The hair will be sent to Locks of Love and I plan on growing it out and doing it again as soon as I can.


  1. Looks gorgeous and yeah for you for donating it! I did that once, years ago!

  2. Yay! And sooo cute too! I'm so glad you posted this...I'm letting mine grow out too to give to Locks of Love. I have never been able to give, and am looking forward to it now that I've seen this. :)

    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  3. Great job! I have donated my hair a couple times as well. It always feels great.

    I have to say...I like your hair better at the shorter length. :)

  4. Such a giving and thoughtful act of love!! The cut is beautiful on you!! I love it!! Wishing you a relaxing and wonderful weekend with your family!!

  5. Good for you Karen! That's so cool ; ). Your hair looks great and its going to look great on someone else too! (weird thought).

  6. I think that is such a wonderful thing to do! Your hair looks beautiful and now your hair will look beautiful on someone else. What a gift!

  7. love this! it takes 6 ponytails to make a wig...I have done it 5 times....I need to work up the guts to do it one more time ;)

  8. I love that you did this .... you're such a beautiful soul....


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