Monday, October 15, 2012

happy camp

This past weekend we took a long overdue family vacation.  My sister and I have been blessed with such awesome neighbors and they both generously loaned us their RV's for the weekend.  My sister lives in Canyon Lake, "a bit of paradise".  Inside the bubble is a campground called Happy Camp and it was everything happy this weekend!
As soon as we arrived Anthony took the kids fishing.  Wyatt was so determined to catch a fish so every chance he got, he was out there with his pole.

First thing in the morning, we watched the sunrise from the dock.  Still determined.

 Not going to give up....


She didn't catch a fish but she tried very hard to catch a duck or two.

 It was so wonderful for all the cousins to be together for the weekend.
 That's my husband using the lily pad as a wrestling mat.

 After the fishing, we went skiing.  That's my nephew who just turned 7 on a slalom ski.
 Seriously, he's 7.
 After skiing he showed us his stunts on the wake board.
 Guess what happened next...
 Wyatt and Freedom trying to catch a duck.
my sister and myself with our girls

 My brother, sister and I 

Our crew
We had such a great time together!!!  Can't wait to do it again!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  2. What a wonderful and relaxing weekend with your family! I loved looking through all the photos - looks like lots of memories were made! Love the photos of Wyatt patiently waiting to catch a fish!
    Beautiful shot of you and your husband!
    Have a great week! Xoxox

  3. You so deserved this! It looks like you had a blast. You have to admire Wyatt's tenacity!

  4. so glad you had such a great time!

  5. what a great family time! and yay for wyatt and his determination to catch a fish and to see it pay off. I like those photos of Freedom where is your other dog?

  6. this looks like a very happy camping trip indeed. i was just telling my husband last night that i want to go camping (which is so not me). camping invites us to be still. that sounds good right now (and s'mores).


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