Friday, November 2, 2012

fall festivities

With Fall in full swing, I have some photos of our recent festivities.

School Harvest Festival

 My hot husband making a delicious dinner and the dogs waiting patiently for something to fall.

 Decorating pumpkins with paint and glitter

Carving pumpkins

Crazy hair day at school


  1. This looks like so so much fun!! Loved the pictures, glad you're enjoying Fall!! :]

  2. the picture of the dogs waiting for the food to fall. That is how our dog is except he is eye level with our table so his face is practically level with our plates. :)

    Happy fall!

  3. Love it all. Fall is such a great time of the year!

  4. the dog picture is toooo funny and you are toooo beautiful. ;)

  5. Fall has been so good to your family!! Love all of your photos - especially the one of the dogs waiting for food to fall - too cute! Our cats do the same thing sometimes! All of your photos are beautiful and so are YOU!
    Happy November to you and your family, Karen!! Xoxox


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