Wednesday, October 17, 2012

happy birthday, anthony

Dear Anthony,

Today is your 34th birthday.  I have been blessed to spend the last 11 birthdays with you and in those 11 years I have watched you grow from an amazing guy into an incredible husband and father.  You give so much of yourself to others and never expect anything in return.

You have been right by my side from the time I first got sick until now.  You give me so much strength and hope and when I want to be weak, you help me be strong.  You have more on your plate than most people yet you never complain.  In fact, you take on more.

I love how grounded you are and how you keep such a level head about everything.  When something happens I'm the first to jump up and want to react, sometimes inappropriately.  You balance me in that aspect and believe it or not, you have taught me so much about how to handle situations that are not in our hands.

I love how much you have taught me about life in general.  I love watching you teach others about life.  I love your happy nature, your ability to bring joy to others.

I love watching the kids get so excited when you come home.  I love how you always have time and energy to wrestle them even when you've been up all night at work.  I love that you are their father and you have such an important role in their lives.

Together we made a family that I am so grateful for.
Together we live a life full of love.
Together we will walk through this journey of life.

I love you so much!!

{some pics from the past year and a half}


  1. this was so beautiful... what a fantastic post!

  2. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband!! This is so beautiful and reflective. Your words made me cry as did your video...and the song - I LOVE this song. I cry whenever I hear it. You have an amazing, strong and beautiful family, Karen! Lots of love xoxo

  3. what a sweet post karen!! you are a blessed woman to have such a great man and your children too

  4. Happy happy birthday to your hubby! Glad you have him in your life and here's to many more fab years!


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