Friday, October 19, 2012

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Happy Friday Everyone! I have a guest post for you today by Holly from Healthy Living Healthy Life. Holly's blog is full of healthy tips, food, fitness and family. Check her out.... Hello there, readers! My name is Holly, mom to three and healthy living advocate! In fact, my passion for living a full life led me to begin my blog, Healthy Living Healthy Life! We all know though, that a healthy life does not begin and end with what food we choose to put into our bodies. To truly live a sound lifestyle, we need to be well-rounded, wise and considerate. Everyday I try to teach my own children these sentiments, but what better time of year to truly demonstrate what it means to live well than our current season: FALL AND THE HOLIDAYS!
Oh yes, it's the best time of year for more than a few reasons! Every year my family works with a low-income organization here in Phoenix (home-sweet-home!) where we adopt several families. We strive to pick ones where the children are close in age to my own, then our kids have the privileged of shopping for each of them. Talk about growth as a family, both on the individual level and the familial level.

Well there was one year none of us will ever forget. It involved a bed and many tears. Shouts of happiness and firm hand shakes. We will never, ever forget that year. What happened in the end, you ask? Come on over and check it out, I would be honored to share with you and to hear if any of you have any serving stories that are particularly poignant in your memories!

Also, I would love to hear about your healthy choices and actions on here! Let's link arms and build a platform for healthy mommy-hood, healthy self-hood (that's a word, right?) and of course, HEALTHY LIVING!

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  1. Thank you for this guest post! Healthy living is so important and lately it hasn't been my strong suit. I've got the working out done but now the eating! Need to work on that, but thanks for the reminder! :)


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