Monday, October 1, 2012

life lately

Life lately
It's been nice to get into a bit of a routine, the inconsistent kind that I prefer.  School has been getting a little easier now that we are in the 5th week... only tears, no more screams.  Here are some pics of what we have been up to.

Waking up to beautiful sunrises of course.

The stache is in full force with the wife very ready for Stachetoberfest on October 8th.

Alexis had her first Brownie meeting and of course I cried.  All the songs that I sang when I was in Girl Scouts came right back to me.  I am so excited for Alexis to make the same wonderful memories and friendships that I made. 

We had a couple of caterpillars and watched the life cycle unfold from our mantel.  

When the butterflies came out of their cocoons we took them outside to set them free.

My sister Leslie and I on our way to our mini High School reunion.  It's been 16 years and thanks to Facebook, one of our friends was able to put together a party for everyone to get together.

I didn't make it long that night and didn't take many pictures.  But the people that I did see, it was so wonderful to catch up and re-connect!!!!

A huge thanks to Chelsea here for putting it all together!!

The next morning, Anthony and I woke up early for the Care to Wear Pink Event that North County Fire Protection District and the Kairin Clinic put on.  It was a great turn out but this picture shows how slow we (I) were.  There is one man standing down there holding the cheering sign... everyone had already finished the 5K but my scooter only goes 3 mph.  As our friend Camille said, anyone can place in the top 3 but coming in last... only one can do that :)  Thanks for walking with us, Camille!

The rest of that day was spent sleeping on the couch.

That's what we've been up to lately... how about you?


  1. So happy to see you are having lots of fun...I was just on your blog earlier this morning! :) your sunsets are always so beautiful...what a way to start the day! Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Happy October, Karen!

  2. I love that you did the life cycle of the butterfly and then set them free! I will have to remember to do that with the kids. You look fantastic, by the way. Your smile is infectious. :)

  3. Great post and fun to see everything you're doing! love you, girl!

  4. Love the update and Anthony in the pink shirt and stache is just too much!!

  5. Yes the pink shirt and scache are to funny! Great to see you so active. Love that you started brownies.that will be me so soon. Cant wait. Do you think you'll do boy scouts with Wyatt?

  6. Yes the pink shirt and scache are to funny! Great to see you so active. Love that you started brownies.that will be me so soon. Cant wait. Do you think you'll do boy scouts with Wyatt?

  7. I was missing your posts! Glad eerything has been goin good and busy! ; )
    Soooo relived that the kids are getting used to school, that's got to be such an emotional drain on everyone!!

    Um, Ants looks like his Dad!!! I've never seen him in a stach before! Your look amazing as always!


  8. i was a girl scout! what fun!! I keep teasing that I am going to put that sign on my door that says no soliciting unless you sell girl scout cookies.

  9. Hey Karen, It was good to catch up. We're getting used to school around here too, tired faces, tears over unrelated things and the joys of making friends and the possibility of playdates. Oh and it's so nice to be down to one kid and have a quiet home during the day. I was a girl scout as well! loved it! It's nice to know that girls are still doing it, I haven't seen any girl scouts around here. Can't wait to check back and hear more!

  10. She's going to love being in Brownies! My daughter was in Scouts until this past year when she decided to get more into 4-H instead. Definitely a lot of wonderful memories are made in those troops though! I hope she loves it!

    Beautiful butterfly pictures, too! Did you hold them?

  11. You are so awesome Karen. You put a smile in my heart every time I read one of your posts or I see one of your photos. The mustache is hilarious, I love that you watched the life cycle of a butterfly with your kids and experienced that with them, you connected with old friends and gave back on your walk..... you are a ray of freaking sunshine girl!! I love it :)

  12. Looks like you've been having tons of fun. I like that!


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