Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mother's little helper

The boys took off for the day to do boy things so the girls stayed home to do girl things... clean!!  The cleaning has been falling very far behind lately (like years behind)  

Look how full the vacuum was just from upstairs.... gross!

After vacuuming it was laundry time (Alexis took over the rest of the cleaning from here ~ please don't call the child labor law enforcers on me)

Polished all of the furniture (and floors... eek)

Peek a boo

 The dogs watched her work hoping they weren't going to have to do anything (they didn't)

 I enjoyed a banana (and then a fudgesicle ) 

Mopping is her favorite

I gave her a break after 2 straight hours of work, I'm a tough boss!

This was just too cute not to add.  She loves the carrots from our garden.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. this is a great post.

    dont you LOVE seeing a full vacuum? so satisfying. WAY better than when i was a kid using my mom's old vacuum with the bag - NOT see through! hahah.

    reminds me, i need to vacuum tonight.

    and your daughter is AWESOME for doing 2 hours of chores!

    does the pup dig up the carrots herself?

  2. Y'all are welcome to come over to my house anytime! ;)
    Seriously though...Isn't it something how quickly one can fall years behind on house work ~ mind boggling!


  3. Wow, you guys are hard core. Good for you two!

  4. Sounds like some serious spring cleaning! Way to get your girls in on it too! I think it is good...character building.

  5. I wish I had a daughter. Surely that would make clean more phone. And hey the banana balanced out the fudge bar...no guilt. Lol

  6. I'm all about getting those kiddos to clean for me!.....ahem, I meant WITH me.....Very cute!!


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