Friday, July 22, 2011

How we spent our anniversary

Our anniversary celebration started off at UCSD medical center for my second appointment with the Neurologist.  I look forward to my appointments like a kid looks forward to going to Disneyland.  I have really high hopes that I will show up and the doctors will have some answers followed by great news.  However, when we arrived at this appointment (I did not get to choose the date, this doctor is only at the adult clinic once a month) we learned that the coordinator canceled my appointment.  My first appointment was 2 months ago and in that time the coordinator was supposed to locate my frozen muscle biopsy, get approval from insurance and send it off to a special lab. 2 months was more than enough time and that is why the doctor had me wait to see him again.  He had hoped that we would have the results by now... however, the coordinator never sent it off!!!  She canceled my appointment because she didn't get her work done and the doctor would not have any information for me!!  And she never contacted me to let me in on that bit of news.  Angry, hurt, devastated... standing in a waiting room as the tears welled up in my eyes.  This was my Disneyland trip and they are closing the doors as I got to the front of the line.  There is a much longer story along the lines of crying, the coordinator being very unprofessional and my strong husband demanding we see the doctor.  We did.  And the doctor was very happy he saw us because there were more tests to get done and we were able to speed things up.  By the way, I love the doctor and nurse practioner... if we can only bi-pass that coordinator....

After our appointment we went to La Jolla, had a great lunch at Alfonso's, couldn't find parking to enjoy the beach so we drove up to Carlsbad and had some yummy frozen yogurt.  (Wasn't as good as the local Yogurt Palace, but good enough)

The kids spent the night with Nana and Papa so we picked up Chinese food, 2 movies (yes we watched 2 movies in a row and went to bed at midnight... we are crazy)

 Fortune cookie 

The next morning after sleeping in we went to the delicious Garden Center Cafe.  Great restaurant but they are not fond of children so this is where we go for most of our dates.  (The two dates we have had in the last 6 months)

They have the BEST salads!!  How good does that look??

Wasn't quite enough food to fill our bellies so we stopped at Yogurt Palace and picked the kids up from their stay at Nana and Papas.  Is it pathetic that we missed them the whole time and considered picking them up the night before?  We don't leave them often {obviously} and when we do, we miss them terribly!  How can you not?


  1. First kind of side note: YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Second... Happy Anniversary, but what a day that was!!! I am super new to your story so I'm off to read more! But even though I don't know, I'm so moved to pray over you! You are stunningly beautiful. Just beautiful!

  2. Oh, Karen. I know what it's like to show up for appointment and find out that the lab messed things up or that the doctor never received reports,etc. Keep me posted on your results. Glad you were able to have special time together for your anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! My heart just sunk when I read about your labs being messed up. I will pray that these things will be taken care of so that the doctors can tend to your needs accordingly. It's great that you got to spend some quality time with your husband. We always watch movies when our little ones aren't with us because we never have time otherwise. By the way, I had a smiliar experience at the doctor when I needed an MRI for my Bell's Palsy. So frustrating. Hope you have a good weekend!


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