Friday, July 22, 2011

It's the really, really little things

It's the little things in life that bring me joy.  And when I say little I mean so little that most people would have no idea of even looking for it to bring joy to them.  Today when I got in the car to take Wyatt to speech I noticed my odometer... and it read this:

When I was about 15 or so I remember driving through the desert with my dad in our Toyota 4 runner and he happened to look down right at the time the odometer read 77,777.  That was very exciting for me. I think we threw pennies out the window to celebrate.  I love the number 7 and seeing all the 7's in a row have to bring good luck, right?  In Vegas they do.  I was kinda bummed that I missed my car's 77,777 by 1,000 miles.  Oh well, maybe with the next car.... In the meantime, I needed an oil change about 500 miles ago.

Wyatt is doing so awesome in speech therapy.  Working on the sh sound here.
When he started he was able to correctly pronounce 13 out of 26 letters.  He's getting some of the letters on their own now but putting them into a word is still a challenge, but he is trying very hard. He doesn't even fight going anymore or refuse to get out of the car.  That's a major improvement.  It might be the bribery working.  Today his special treat was play-doh.

I'm proud of all the hard work you are doing buddy!  I love you!!
{please keep the play-doh outside, thanks}


  1. Yay Wyatt! Enjoy that play-doh. : )

  2. my baby brother slurred his R's and did speech therapy...I used to think it was so cute!

  3. Oh that is so wonderful that he is doing speech two nephews do that as well and they are improving so much daily! Play dough is a great reward :)

  4. i love little things like that too!



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