Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is in the air

I love to decorate but I don't love spending much money on decorations.  Between pinterest and the dollar tree I have been having a great time making my house springy.

The egg trees and eggs are from the dollar tree and the candles I've had .  Total cost of centerpiece was $7.

These are old mason jars that I spray painted the lids white and the candle sticks are also from the good ol dollar tree.  I spray painted them white as well and filled with candy.  A few days later the jars were empty....

So I re-filled with the egg bubble gum that was too hard to chew and some paper grass.  Total cost was $5.

How to Nest for Less


  1. Love it! All of the colors make me so happy :) Easter is just like an explosion of happiness. Yay!! xoxo Oh and Harry called, this weekend isn't going to work for the party...gosh it's such a crazy time of year for us!

    And also, I'm a loser.

  2. Great ideas Karen!! I am following you on Pinterest btw :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are great! I rarely decorate for the seasons. :( I just put it off and put it off and then it is too late.

  4. so so adorable!! love these, karen. cheered me right up!


  5. I know better than to buy candy I like and use it for a "display". ;o) I love what you did with yours!

  6. Seriously.... pinterest is the BEST for cheap/diy decor! LOVE yours! I can't decorate with candy, it would be eaten within the day :)

  7. i love it! so cheery. pinterest is amazing. what did we ever do without it? :)
    i'm the same way...don't like (or have) much to spend, but you sure made a little go along way.

  8. i love these decorations karen so bright and springy!!! what a great decoration re-purposing mason jars. great job!


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