Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here is what has been keeping me busy lately...

spray painting mason jars to make...

 these creations inspired from Pinterest

t-ball games
I realize he looks bored but he actually really loves playing this year!! 

 bridal shower for my sister-in-law

 Our dryer broke which forced me to hire a little help and be extremely grateful for the hot weather we had that week.

A surprise birthday party for the tall gorgeous blonde in the middle.  Her entire family and friends were all there and she was totally surprised.  I couldn't talk to her for a week before because I was so afraid I would say something.  She thought I was ignoring her... I was.
(I'm not that short, my friends are very tall)

Enjoying sunrises


  1. I love how your mason jars turned out! And those cupcakes look delicious!

    I am trying to get Cory to hang a clothesline in the backyard for me. I love seeing clothes drying outside!

  2. those mason jars are awesome karen, very spring like! great color of yellow. sorry about the broken dryer at least it has been warm for the clothes to dry

  3. The mason jars are adorable! I was thinking of doing this with old bottles, but I really like the jars!

  4. We call it a clothes horse here in Australia, weird I know! But we use it in Winter so we are not wasting power with the dryer on everyday.
    I LOVE those jars!! They look awesome Karen, good job!

  5. Lots of fun things to keep you busy! Those cupcakes look yummy and those jars turned out great!

  6. Im glad you've been havin fun.

  7. We have had incredible Springy, warm, beautiful weather here too!!!! Sorry about your dryer :( booooooo
    Hope all is well sweet friend,
    Much love,

  8. What a great week!! I love all of these photos.... looks like you've been busy but having fun and that's what is important :)


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