Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twice the celebrations, twice the excitement

In our home, December is quite busy.  Between Christmas and all the celebrations that go along with that, we also have two kids born in December!  Neither one was planned for this month but they both showed up eager for the holidays :)  Alexis was due January 20th but gave us a tax break and was born December 30th and Wyatt... well, I'm still not sure how I got pregnant with him.  I had a miscarriage in March 06 and my husband and I decided we would wait two months before trying again just so we could have a baby after the holidays.  Somehow ;) we found ourselves expecting a baby with a due date of DECEMBER 24th.  Our doctor actually laughed when he told me the due date.  Luckily my kids arrive early and Wyatt is at the beginning of the month with his sister at the end of the month.  

Onto the celebrations:

 The birthday boy was karate chopping the balloons his sister dropped on him from upstairs.

 Check out the excitement when he opened his present.  Are you wondering what it was??

 New socks!!!  Just wait... he's getting new underwear for Christmas :)

We have double birthday parties for the kids because, {1} there is no way I can throw two parties in Dec. {2} I would feel bad asking the same people to come party in an already busy month and {3} the kids LOVE having their parties together.  It works out that most of their friends have siblings the same age and all play together anyway.  It's also the closest I can get to having twins by letting them have that sharing experience.

 I had a little "help" getting ready for the party

We split the girls and the boys this time.  The girls all got their nails painted by my husbands cousin and her friends.

 The boys went with Anthony to the fire station!  They got to take an engine ride, check out the ambulance, take a tour and best of all, spray water from the hose.

The day was perfect.
The weather couldn't have been any better than it was.  Beautiful warm sunshine on a Saturday in December is what makes Southern California living the best.
The smiles and excitement on these two made it all worth it.


  1. Wow. 2 December kid birthdays - you've got your hands full.

  2. awwww! Happy birthday to your babies!!

  3. How fun! Looks like a great party! I can't remember, but is your hubby a firefighter?

  4. That socks picture is too much! He is adorable. Loved that yall had the same party, but with special events for each kid. So sweet! My boys are May 13th and June 5th, so I forsee many joint-parties in our future!

  5. That is so sweet! Your kids are adorable:)
    I know what you mean about December Birthdays!! Caleb turned 5 but it was only his second party due to it being hard to get everyone together. The other one was his first. He was thrilled to get a party of his very own this year!

  6. That is so neat, my first daughter was due on Dec 24th and we were going to name her "Christmas". She came a week early so we moved "Christmas" to one of her middle names. :) This is so sweet, your kids are just so adorable! I love the balloons hanging from the high ceiling. Anthony works for the fire department? I did not know that. Explains the AX at Halloween. ;) Hahaha!!

    You know, this post and the playlist in the background has my tears welling up off and on and I LOVE this song "Christmas Shoes" always gets me.

    I pray all your appts are going well and that hope prevails in your heart and home.

    Happy Holidays. xoxo Salena :)

  7. I had to laugh...two of my daughter's presents under the tree are socks and underwear! ;o)

    These were awesome ideas for parties!!!

  8. Such a great idea to do them together. As a twin I hated sharing but I think I'd like it if I weren't lol.

  9. This is GREAT! What a memorable day!

    Love how you hung the balloons just out of bite an evil temptation. hehe
    You showed her! ;)

  10. I love how you did this, with the boys going off to the fire station and the girls painting their nails etc. What fun for them both and yes, their smiles say it all :)
    Happy Birthday to your "twins" xo

  11. How fun. We also have two birthdays in December, only on the same day. My husband and my daughter were both born two days after Christmas.

  12. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing-- those little girls getting their nails painted!?!

    Can't get over how beautiful your family is! Hope you're doing well, my dear! Merry Christmas!! xo

  13. they just wanted to be the best christmas gifts you ever got :)

  14. what a sweet time. happy birthdays all around and a big merry christmas! <3

  15. oh my gosh wyatt's face in the last photo hilarious!! you can't tell he is excited at all. and little freedom jumping up to get the balloons so sweet. what a great birthday party for both! such a special month in your family

  16. You have two of the cutest kids! My birthday is December 28th (I was due the 30th). So, I know how it is with the December birthdays! :) Love the fire department trip ((my husband is a firefighter)).


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