Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blessed at Christmas

At Christmastime we count our blessings.  We were extra blessed with Anthony being home with us Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  He did a shift trade that made it possible for him to be home with us and we are very thankful for who worked in his place.


We go to Anthony's parents house every year for Christmas Eve.  His grandma has had 2 large falls resulting in 2 broken hips and she no longer lives at their house.  She has recovered from her most recent fall and was able to come be with us.  It was so wonderful for her to be there.  My kids, who haven't seen her in several months, were elated.

 Uncle James & Aunt Michelle (suffocating under my kids), Aunt Julie & Uncle Dominic (Nana's back)

We had a great time eating, exchanging gifts and enjoying each others company.
We are blessed


Christmas morning started at sunrise with two very excited kids.

 Two very excited and spoiled dogs.

After a leisure morning, we headed up to my sisters house where we met up with my brother, his family and my mom.

 This is my niece.  Keeping the princess name while keeping up with the boys.

 The 6 cousins get along so well!

I am not ready for Christmas to be over yet.  Usually I would have all decorations down and cleaned up by the 26th but this year I am hanging on.  I am still singing Christmas carols and wishing for more of the holiday spirit.  I don't want life to go back to the busy rush.  I don't want people to loose the holiday gratitude and extra feelings of love and joy.  So, in my house, Christmas will still be here.  We had such a wonderful holiday celebrating, loving, being together, and appreciating all that we have.

We are blessed


  1. So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! Love that family picture!

  2. Thrilled you had an awesome Christmas!! I think hangin' on this year is a good idea, too...I don't plan on taking our Christmas lights down for a good coupla weeks. :)

  3. Looks like you had such a great time! I love the picture of your family, you look gorgeous and so does your family. :) I'm not ready and I am ready at the same time for christmas to be over. I wish we lived in an area where the kids could go play like where you're at, looks like so much fun.

  4. what a fun Christmas. love the fam pic. i'm not ready for it to be over either!

  5. Looks like a great day was had!! Such a nice family pic too :)

  6. * glad your christmas was a merry one
    * your princess-niece with the skate board is cracking me up
    * you are gorgeous - it's true & I can't stop telling you
    * now I must know....the waves in your hair ~ have you tried that pinterest sock bun thingy yet?

  7. Hey Cuz, while it sounds like you had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I missed seeing you and the fam!
    And I am with you, Christmas is still happening at my house, Grant keeps looking for presents under the tree and somehow keeps finding some! ; ) I think the last ones were opened today...I think!

    Hugs and Kisses!!

    PS: Grant also got a tool bench this year! He loves it ; )

  8. that picture of your niece is AWESOME! and what a gorgeous family photo :) looks like a great christmas!

  9. just found your blog, girl, and i'm your newest follower! your story and your hope is amazing, such an inspiration! you and your family are gorgeous!


  10. Great photos!! I love all the smiles :)

  11. Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Beautiful family; glad you all got to spend time together this year.

  12. I love your blog, what a cute family! Can't wait to read more!



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