Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new chapter

A few months ago we made the decision to sell the boat.  We weren't using it as much and with my health we weren't going to be able to use it at all for a while until I got better.  We could always get another one later I told myself. Boating is something I have been doing since I was in diapers.  It was in my blood.

I didn't think I would react the way I did when we actually did sell it.  After a couple of months keeping it posted on Craigslist and only 3 viewings and a handful of phone calls, we were getting nervous that it might be harder to sell than we thought.  Not everybody loves our boat the way we do I guess.  Then on Father's Day weekend we got a call from a guy who was very interested and wanted it right away.  He lives up near Bass Lake so that Monday we met him halfway.... in BAKERSFIELD!!

It ended up being a very nice road trip with just Anthony and would have been better had I not been crying hysterically the entire drive up.  I kept thinking of all the wonderful memories we had as a family.  I could hear the giggles and screams of the kids.  I could hear the 454 engine start up on the boat dock and smell the exhaust, which to me is better than any perfume I have ever smelt.  I could feel the hot wind blowing in my face as we were cruising down the lake at 60mph.  I could smell the cottonwoods as we travel up the river.  I always had a permanent smile on my face in Lake Havasu on our boat.  THAT was my happy place.  I was so upset to be leaving that part of my life behind and just keeping it in memories.  More upset because of the reason we had to leave it behind.  It was my fault that we couldn't continue to take our Havasu trips and spend the summer in 110 degree heat.

Our frequent trips out to Havasu and all the family time we spent together has made us who we are today.  I am so grateful for all of the time we were able to spend enjoying the river together.  We have been blessed!

So... after the transaction was made, I counted the money and realized that money doesn't buy this girl happiness and we sadly drove home.  After a good 10 minutes of crying I started laughing at the fact that I was reacting this way over a BOAT!  It is a materialistic object!!  Yes, it brought us many happy memories but anything can bring us happy memories as long as we are together.  I was acting ridiculous allowing myself to become so attached to an object, a replaceable object.  So, we enjoyed the rest of the road trip having uninterrupted conversations and excited to get off the road and back with the kids to start new memories.

Time to close this chapter and open a new one.  What could be in store for us next??
It might take some serious convincing, but I know what I have my eye on....


  1. You may not always have the boat, but you have those special memories. And I could totally do the RV thing! : )

  2. So. I have rule against traveling with pee. So RV would be out for us. But TOTALLY get the boat thing. We don't own one but have friends that do. And I would cry if THEY sold it for sure. Love your blog! Look forward to following along! :)


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