Friday, June 17, 2011

Appreciating Dad's

This Blog is dedicated to the Father's in my life...

Father's Day is a day to celebrate and show appreciation towards the Dad's in my life.  The men who provide us with unconditional love and support.  The men who guide us, protect us, and provide for us.  These men stand by my side through thick and thin, showing their soft sides and their strength.  

Anthony has been an amazing father to our children since day 1 where he was literally standing with gloves on his hands, ready to deliver our baby until the doctor came running in for the catch.  He has been our provider and teacher, showing us balance and love.  He is a child at heart and always will be.  Our children look up to him as the true hero he is.  The children crave his attention when he returns home from work and I sit back and watch (patiently waiting my turn) as they break out into a wrestling match or tickle fest or just get smothered with hugs and kisses.

Here is the video I made for him:

My dad has taught me so much about life.  He has taught me to be an independent women, make my own choices, follow my heart, enjoy every moment in life.  He protected me as a child when I awoke in the middle of the night with a bad dream.  He went and slept on the couch when I wasn't feeling well and I wanted to sleep next to my mom.  He taught me to drive stick shift (sorry about the neck pain) and let me put the peddle to the medal on his brand new mustang.  (He might not remember giving me permission for this one but I do)  And more recently, he has helped me take care of my kids when Anthony is at work, or driven with me to Dr's. appointments.  For all of this, I am grateful.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, especially the ones in my life!!

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