Saturday, June 4, 2011


Change is inevitable. It's going to happen no matter what. Seasons change (sort of in San Diego) people change, feelings change, life changes. There are many songs about it. The Brady Bunch even sang about it.

I love change. My daughter fears change. As a baby I was constantly stimulating her with something different and exciting. Everyday we went somewhere new. Routine was not something she took well to. And then it all changed. It takes her a very long time to adjust to anything new. The beginning of kindergarten was a huge change... I realize that is a big one on its own. However, it took her 1 month to finally accept the change of a new teacher. 1 month of screaming and crying EVERY morning. She did great for the year until.... a SUBSTITUTE!!! As soon as we were walking up to her line I felt her hand squeeze tightly in mine. I used every positive word in the book and showed so much excitement for her but nope, she wasn't going. I had to sit outside with her until she calmed down enough to go sit in class. Of course I went in with her and sat in the back. 45 minutes later she was still crying. I know many people will disapprove of my decision but I took her home. It wasn't worth the pain for her or me. I taught her at home instead and she was happy as can be. The next day came.... another substitute!!! We had a long talk the night before about what we were going to do and how strong she was going to be. Nope. She came home with me again. Day 3... oh please teacher come back already! I don't need to get up early and rush out of the house for nothing. Phew, her teacher was back. The same teacher that took 1 month for her to be comfortable with was now her security. It's a good thing she only goes to school 3 days a week (home-schooled the other 2).

Today, Alexis lost her second tooth. The first one was very exciting for her but as soon as the next one became loose, she didn't want it to fall out. She wouldn't even eat today because it was bothering her so much and she feared that it would fall out. The poor child was starving so I let her suck on chocolate chips. It fell out in her mouth full of chocolate and she looked at me with big eyes, tooth in her hand and started crying. Then she started spitting because it felt weird. Spitting chocolate everywhere. After an hour she adapted to the "change" and was finally happy about the tooth fairy coming tonight. Some changes that happen are big and for her it's no big deal. She cut over 10 inches off her hair to donate to Locks of Love and she was happy about it the whole time. No big deal. A moving truck was parked on our street with new neighbors moving in.... BIG deal. She wanted that truck removed immediately. Could care less about the fact new people were moving in, the truck needed to go.

Change is something we all have to learn how to deal with. Go with the flow, let life happen, let go of resistance. Life is great! If He brings us to it He will bring us through it. No need to worry now right?

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  1. So true. I don't like change either. : ) It is always hard to learn to go with the flow.


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