Friday, August 31, 2012

through the camera {instaFriday}

Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately.  This is picture overload which tells me maybe I should blog more often.

The fire department raised $5,248 for the MDA {Muscular Dystrophy Association}  Proud of my husband for putting it on and so grateful for the guys and gals who were able to make it out and help.

Went to the Del Mar horse races where we won love!  We decided to leave our money there.

 Family reunion/Grandpa's 90th birthday with my dad's side
{This is where my son gets his height from}

 Wood Family {minus 10}

 Grandpa with his 6 kids

 The cousins {minus 3}

 The cousins kids/ great grand kids {minus 5}

 Amazing sunsets lately

Amazing sunrises lately

 My new morning seat to watch the sunrises

The schools all started up this week but my kids go back next week since we do the hybrid homeschool program.  We headed to the very empty beach for a homeschool surfing lesson.

Does this get any cuter?

It's been a wonderful and busy week.  I'm still in bed and the kids have crawled in with me.  I'm hoping they want to stay here all day with me because for some reason I'm having a hard time getting out.

Happy Friday, happy weekend and happy Labor Day!!!!


  1. LOVE the pictures! The surfing ones are ADORABLE!
    Happy Weekend friend,
    Maggie :)

  2. How fun to have everyone for a Family get together!! My family never does that, maybe we should start!!

  3. Lucky them: homeschool surfing lessons! I think I have to move :) And you look great!

  4. beautiful sky shots!
    super love the sweet, big family. the cousins by the pool, too cute!

    love you! xo

  5. That is awesome that so much was raised for the MDA! Love all the photos.

  6. great pictures. looks like a fun week to wrap up the summer. stopping by from Life Rearranged link up.

  7. Lots of pictures always make me smile! You have been having such gorgous sunsets - they are beautiful and so uplifting!
    I loved all your family photos - the cousins ones are too cute!
    Happy September, Karen!


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