Saturday, August 18, 2012

a perfect day

The day started off early, watching the sunrise with my son as my daughter slept soundly next to my bed from last nights sleepover.  The kids got to watch a movie last night but the only way to make it possible was to set up camp in my room so this mama could fall asleep.

It was a hot day, a very hot day.  The inside temp in the house was 91*

So we found refuge on the stone floor hoping if we laid completely still we could cool off and feel a breeze come in.  We are part of a summer saver program through our energy company so our AC is shut off during peak hours.  There are about 2 days a year I regret being environmentally conscientious and frugal, but in the end it is totally worth it!

That evening, Anthony got a rare opportunity to go on a date!  A date that didn't involve going to Costco or running any errands.  We had dinner with his twin brother and his wife {who noticed I haven't been blogging much}  I'm hoping when the kids are back at school a few days a week, I will have a chance to sit in peace and quite and get back into the swing of things.

After dinner we headed one mile west to put our feet in the sand and watch the sunset.

The water felt SO good but I had a dress on and it was too crowded to just jump in fully clothed.  I settled for half way and enjoyed the refreshing salt water splashing my legs.

A day when I watch the sunrise and then the sunset makes me feel complete.  My soul is rejuvenated and my heart is full.

Just the two of us for a few hours.... beautiful!


  1. Love reading your posts Sista!

  2. it sounds like the perfect day and night. what a wonderful date...and that food looks AMAZING! i hope that it has cooled off for you guys.
    have a relaxing night and a fabulous week, karen. <3

  3. THAT is truly a perfect day!

  4. So other than seeing the sunrise and being 91 degrees inside your house...yes, that did sound like the perfect day!! LOL! But I'm glad you felt it was perfect, that's all that matters!! ; )

    PS: I've noticed your 'lack of blogging' too...figured it was Summertime slowdown. Looking forward to the school year ; )


  5. This truly is a perfect day. Absolutely lovely!

  6. That does sound wonderful; watching the sunrise and the sunset.


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