Friday, June 29, 2012

it's been a whirlwind

Oh what a week...
Talk about the ups and downs, the good with the bad, we had it all in the last week...

This beautiful lady on the right will be going home soon.  Last Friday she went into the hospital for some swelling.  We decided to bring the kids to the hospital to visit her (in the past, we left the kids home) and the doctor was getting ready to start the discharge process.  Anthony was holding onto G.G's hand and she kept calling out in pain and saying "help me."  It was so hard to see her so uncomfortable.  Soon after we left, she had a heart attack.  She was brought into the ICU and put on a ventilator.  We went back to the hospital the next day (with out the kids this time) and we said our goodbyes.  The doctor was going to be taking her off the ventilator the next day and it was assumed that she would go quickly after.  Little did this doctor know who he was dealing with.  This was G.G, the feisty little fighter.  It has been 1 week since she first went into the hospital and she is now at home on hospice, still alive.  She is reaching to towards the sky, eyes gazed upward, already on her way home.  She has had a beautiful 91 years here.

Meanwhile, we have found our 10 year old dog to be immortal.  She got into snail bait in the neighborhood a week ago and was so incredibly sick throughout the night.  I stayed awake with her and when Anthony got home in the morning, he took one look at her and knew this was it.  We explained to the kids that it was time to say goodbye to Daisy, she wasn't going to make it much longer.  So here we are at home with a dying dog, explaining the process to the kids as they are about to loose their great grandma.  Here's the twist.  As God always promises to never give us more than we can handle, our dog has fully recovered from eating toxic snail bait that is always fatal!!!  She is doing great!! 

The next night however, this guy starts his seal barking.  Normally he has a cold or virus when he gets his croup but this time there was no warning.  He started at 2:44 a.m and I laid next to him listening to him struggle to breathe.  I turned the shower on, steamed up his bathroom and carried him in.  This aggravated him and his symptoms became worse, much worse.  He could not take a breath without that high pitch stridor.  He finally has his own machine and after 30 minutes, he started feeling better.  Afterwards, he said he thought he was going to die.  That must have been so frightening for him to not be able to breathe.  He was put on steroids and will be seeing a specialist to figure out why he continues to get such severe croup at his age.  Until then, he will be in a bubble.  I can't go through another night like that.
 We had a trip planned to my grandma's house for quite some time and with all that was going on, we weren't sure we were going to be able to make it.  She only lives an hour away so we knew we could get back quickly if need be.  Spending time as a family and with my grandma was the best decision we could have made.
 The kids did some snorkeling with Anthony

While I did some reading alone... pure bliss!

When on vacation, all rules are broken and this little banana split was consumed in less than 2 minutes. 

Thank you for having us grandma!!

It was just the time we needed!


  1. what a whirlwind of a week indeed karen! glad that your little man is feeling better but hope the doctors can figure out the issue soon. and hope GG isn't in too much pain. one of my co-workers lost her father last weekend and then we got the news she lost her mother 4 days later... ugh!

  2. I almost lost it reading about your dog!!!! I am so sorry and yet so happy that she made a full recovery. Talk about the Lord working in his mysterious ways! :)

  3. Even in the sorrow and pain God can create hope!

  4. oh my goodness.....
    my heart is sending lots of warm, peaceful, loving thoughts, prayers and HUGS your way! What an absolute week of ups, downs, middles and everything else in between!
    Thinking of you and your family as you say goodbye to a loved one.... never easy, but think of the greeting she is about to receive in Heaven!!
    So glad your pup is alive and HEALTHY! INCREDIBLE story!!!!
    My nephew struggles with asthma, and has neb treatments almost daily... Praying for a fast recovery for your babe!
    Beautiful snorkeling pic's AND grandma time!
    Lots of love...

  5. Oh my! So many emotions you experienced this past week! I'm so glad that everyone (including your dog) are ok! But I hope your sweet GG isn't in too much pain :( She sounds like a STRONG woman! Praying for her AND your family!

  6. Oh Karen, you and your family have had one crazy emotional week. Your strength and beautiful perspectives throughout it all is so inspiring. I'm sending many prayers your your sweet great grandma and to everyone in your family. It was wonderful to read that Daisy is feeling better and better. I hope Anthony feels better very soon!
    Glad you got away and made some wonderful memories!
    Thinking of you and sending tons of love.

  7. What a hard time for your family right now. Know that I"m praying for GG.

  8. Hi Karen! I am sorry to hear that your Grandmother has been unwell and that your time with her may be short.
    I am happy to hear your poor dog survived from eating the poisoning, wow, very lucky!
    That's awful your little man has to suffer from croupe, poor kid, I hope he's feeling better real soon...
    What a whirlwind week you guys have had, I am glad you got away to the beach for a bit :)

  9. Gosh Karen.... I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma and about you son's struggles.... I hope that God will come and lessen their burdens for them in the best ways he knows how. What a week.....


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