Monday, January 16, 2012

Walk and Roll

Team Walk and Roll is doing something to make a difference, will you  help?

As many of you know,  I became sick 2 years ago and have since been diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy.
For me, the disease affects:
*muscles ~ causing muscle weakness and fatigue
*nerve pain
*blood sugar problems
*slurred speech
*bladder and bowl problems
*breathing problems
*heart palpitations
The list goes on but I am extremely lucky.  With all of all these symptoms, none of them are severe and they are intermittent.  I appear to function normally except for the occasional legs giving out and other unpredictable issues.  A day doesn't go by where I don't think about the progression of the disease.  But a day also doesn't go by where I am grateful for the beautiful life I have.

My neurologist recommended I get hooked up with the Muscular Dystrophy Association in San Diego.  I did.  They have been so wonderful!  They have welcomed my family with open arms.  Everyone who works there is so kind and caring.  The MDA has provided me with a motorized wheel chair and a transport chair to make getting around easier.  They offer ways to adapt my life with my new limitations.  They have ongoing research for all of the muscle diseases.  They have summer camps for kids that are affected. They offer support.

The MDA is hope.

For everything that they do for families affected by muscle diseases, we knew we needed to give back.  February 26th we will be walking (I will be rolling) in the annual 5K Muscle Walk in San Diego.  We are trying to raise as much money as we can for them.

If you would like to donate to the MDA please click here.  You can donate to the team, anyone on the team or myself.  Your help is extremely appreciated.


  1. 'Poster Family for Mystery Diagnosis.' (see i'm still rooting for you there) Seriously, you guys are just plain too pretty!!! :)

  2. What a wonderful organization! It means everything to have help and support! I donated to your team. Hugs!

  3. what an incredibly beautiful family-- inside and out. :) he is using you karen... maybe not how you imagined but all the same in His way. you are the best kind of beautiful. :)

  4. You have an absolutely beautiful family darling!

  5. The MDA is a wonderful organization. My hubby's union supports it and they do multiple fundraisers each year. :)

  6. What a gorgeous family....great pic.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your disease, but it sounds like you have such a happy outlook. :) I know there have got to be days that its almost unbearably tough. Thanks for your example!

  8. This is such a great cause, and one I'm not yet familiar with. Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful family :)

    xo Shane

  9. Hey Cuz,
    This foundation sounds awesome, so glad they have helped you guys. I so wish they had a special pill to give you to take all your symptoms away!! Someday they will! ; )

    To all of Karen's "followers", you all know how amazing she is and how much she impacts our lives...if you all donated $5, that would total over $1200!! We can all find $5 in our budget to give to this amazing organization and person. Come on it only takes 2mins!! Thank you in advance! ; ) (For the record, this message/request was not approved by Karen, I just felt compelled to type it. Hope that is okay Karen.)

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us... I'll be checking it out after I type this. I wasn't able to leave comments on some of your other posts but I wanted to tell you that your bullies post made me cry. I'm so sorry..... :(

  11. That is seriously a beautiful family picture Karen!!!

  12. So glad that you have a caring community and organization rallying behind you! Thanks for making me aware of this organization as well.


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