Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We all have it.
We all need it.
We want more of it, rarely wanting less of it.
It goes by so fast and at times it seems to go by so slow.

What is time?
Does it even exist?

"Hurry up, you are wasting time."  How many times have you heard that one?  How can anyone actually waste time?
"Hurry up, we don't have time."  Really?  No time? I have plenty of it.
"We are going to be late, there is no time."  That's not possible, or is it?
"No, I can't, I don't have time"
I have been guilty of saying these myself.
The stress and anxiety I feel when I hear these words isn't necessary.

I think society has put too much pressure on time.  We have deadlines, time limits, and only 24 hours in one day to complete all tasks that somehow feel they must be completed.  And for what?  To win?  If we were to live each day with out the worry of getting it all done (which by the way, it will never be all done) wouldn't life feel more peaceful?  If it weren't a race as to who finished first?  Who accomplished more?  Who over committed the most?  Who had the longest list?  When you finish and you look back, was it worth it?
Did you enjoy it?

I want to do less rush and have more time.  More time for seeing, breathing, listening.  More time for living for me and less time rushing for someone else.

When I was in school I would stress when I thought I was running out of time to complete an assignment.  I didn't care how well it was, just as long as it was done on time.  Totally defeats the purpose of learning.  I wish I would have taken my time.  I would have learned more.  Although I did learn, because now I can teach my kids to not rush.

Because we have time

Life isn't a race.  Life is about enjoying the journey. 

I will take my time.
I will enjoy what I am doing with my time because you can't be wasting time while enjoying it.


  1. wow...I so needed to hear this today! Love this post friend, Thanks for sharing :)

  2. definitely very important to realize time can be our friend we just have to make the best use of it! and think about time in terms of importance, am i spending my time with God with my family? or am I wasting it worrying about how am I going to fit everything in I need to get done? Beautiful photos Karen!! just gorgeous

  3. Such a beautiful post, and so true! Too often I am wasting time worrying about everything I need to do... instead of enjoying my time. I will make it a mission to do so today. Thanks so much Karen. You're the best!

  4. I absolutely la-la-love this post! :)

  5. Love this reminder, thank you. I am constantly uttering those words "c'mon we're going to be late, we don't have time for this, we'll run out of time" etc...i'd much rather relax and enjoy the moments without rushing them away.x

  6. there is no better way to live then to take our time!! I have a tendency to always be in a hurry, but I am trying to embrace every single moment!

  7. I'm always in a hurry and don't know I feel like I never have any "time". I think this will help me relax some more and breaathhe.

  8. I feel like I spent a lot of last year rushing around... I am not sure why either. I decided that this year I really wanted to reevaluate what I was spending my time doing. I have made some changes and am enjoying the time I have much more now.

  9. I feel the same way. I am making a commitment this year to spending at least 10 minutes a day outside, listening to the birds, the wind in the trees, the earth spinning and just focus on enjoying the gift that is life.

  10. i agree! you make total sense. thanks for posting! :)

  11. I totally agree! I find myself ALWAYS yelling at my girls to hurry up!! They look at me and ask "why"? Sometimes I have no idea why I say it. I always feel rushed. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  12. Love this post. I'm taking this year to live. To enjoy the time I have and to make it worth while. :)

  13. yess one of my fav songs too!!

  14. such a true post. in this drive through society of ours we tend to stack on extra & expect ours selves to get it done just as quickly. yet another thing that i am working on this year.

    **bam! 6" of snow baby. in case you were wondering.**

  15. i forgot, so i came back. your sky's continue to impress me the yellow with the blue ~ love!

  16. Love this! I'm all about slowing down this year... time is too precious to be spent worrying and stressing.

  17. Gosh you are a smart, inspiring woman Karen!!


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