Monday, September 19, 2011

What was that noise??

The past few nights while I am laying in bed falling asleep I hear what sounds like someone hopping over our back fence and landing on the deck.  I have been trying very hard to not allow my mind to wonder and assume worst case scenerio which is quite a challenge for me.  I heard the noise again and assumed it was those darn seeds that fall from the ficus tree in our backyard, landing on the deck.

 These seeds fall everywhere especially this time of year and they can certainly make a loud noise in the still of the night.  But then I would go outside in the morning and saw that the dog bowl was completely empty when I know a few crumbs were leftover from dinner.

This could only mean one thing....
 This guy has been breaking in, stealing the dogs left overs and disturbing my sleep.
He or she hangs out in the ficus tree and waits for the house to be still which would mean the dogs are sleeping and the humans have the guns put away.  He or she then makes it's debut jumping onto the deck  and ransacking the backyard.  Creep.  Stay out of our yard!!


  1. Oh my, how did you manage to get photos of your intruder?

  2. Perhaps if you scared him, he'd play possum! ;)
    Be ready to RUN though! Awhile back our dogs got one all shook up & it chased me. I had just gotten home & did not have a house key in my hand....I ended up trapped between the screen door & the main house door until the hubs was able to fend him off with the garden hose! What a sight! ;)
    My what a view you have from you back yard! Can you see the ocean?

  3. love those creepy 'glowing' eyes in the dark night sky.....annoying, though he must be!!

  4. thank you for the sweet comment...and possums are so gross. yuk!

  5. Eeew..maybe you'll have to lift the dog bowls??
    At least it was just a possum :)

  6. LOL! that's hilarious...kinda creepy though too.

  7. I hate opossums! We had one sliding into our garage because we would crack the door for the cats. They smell horrible!

  8. Ooh we used to have a possum that would scurry to and fro on our roof at night - not the most pleasant thing to hear whilst laying in bed!
    Hehe. Love your stuff, as usual, and finally have a minute to tell you so ;)


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