Monday, September 26, 2011

Random happenings

I have been writing down what sounds like great little blog ideas and then when I read them later, I am thankful I didn't post any of them.  So instead, here's a random post of what has been taking place in my camera phone recently:

1) Wyatt at his {every 6 month} audiology appointment

2) Date night with the kids at our local airport

3) This needs no explanation

4) Home made hair cuts happen here
 check out the look he's giving me
4 going on 14?
5) Fall crafts

Happy Monday


  1. Date night at the airport: that looks fun. We give our own haircuts too.

  2. That first sentence is SO me!!!
    And good to know that we aren't the only ones who think watching planes land is a FUN thing! Plus it's FREE!!! :)

  3. The chocolate is on my next shopping list!

  4. Did someone say Chocolate? I would so love to give Eric a hair cut.

  5. I always love phone pictures!! What do y'all do at the airport? That is such a fun date idea!!

  6. We love hanging out by the runway over here in Sydney, it's so fun to watch the planes take off to other countries and imagine we're going somewhere :)
    And words necessary.

  7. the airport is such a fun idea! my 2 year old would just love that. you've got some cute kiddos!

  8. a) Chocolate = YES
    b) That is absolutely a middle school look he is giving you! watch out! ;)
    c) Airport looks like such a fun time. I remember my mom taking my brother and I there (and walking around inside) when we were younger, before there were restrictions. Boy was that a long time ago!


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