Monday, July 23, 2012

Anniversary weekend

Nine years ago I became a Mrs.  My Mister has made me the happiest lady in the world.  I can't imagine my life without him.  He has provided me with so much love and friendship, always staying my side, and the fact that he is so darn good looking helps too ;)
When Wyatt turned 1 and I stopped nursing him, I asked Anthony to take me on a weekend getaway.  I wanted a full nights sleep and a couple of days of just the two of us. 4 1/2 years later we finally took that trip!!!  It was our first romantic getaway, one of many more to come.  It took me finally booking a room and planning it out myself but that's ok. 

 As we approached the windmills I started getting really excited.  It brought back many wonderful memories of driving through the desert to get to Lake Havasu, my happy place.

 I brought my own handsome bellhop.  (Just so you know, my bag is the small one)

 View from our Villa

 View from the camera lens

 A little night swimming to cool off from the 110* heat.

 Whoa, I even drank when we were there.  Bar tender was overly kind and kept giving me refills.

The weekend was wonderful!!  The heat, not so much.  Turns out when the doctor told me I had heat intolerance, it meant that my body can't tolerate the heat.  I didn't believe him because I spent so much of my life enjoying extreme heat and not having a problem.  Oh well, things change, you move on. I spent a total of 2 hours the entire weekend outside and once the chest pain started and I couldn't see straight, we retreated back to our room.
Happy Anniversary Babe!  Looking forward to many many more years together with you by my side.  I love you more each day!!


  1. This looks like such a fun trip and I'm glad you got to have a nice getaway with your hubby!

  2. Happy anniversary! How fun to get away! We just celebrated our 5 year on saturday!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful getaway! You are such a beautiful couple. Sorry about the heat intolerance. It sounds like you made the very best of it. So glad you had fun, Karen! Have a wonderful week!

  4. oh im sad you got heat sickness.
    happy anniversary! the room is the best place to be on anniversaries anyway:)

  5. The rooms at the villas are so nice -- so if you had to be inside -- but sorry you couldn't be outside more ----

    glad you had fun, got away and celebrated!

  6. In school we learned about the heat intolerance for MS patients. Sucks, because things like pool therapy would be awesome for them, but its rarely possible with steamy indoor pools and all that. I'm sorry that it intruded on your getaway!

  7. You guys make such a cute couple. You know, on an anniversary trip, sometime your room isn't a bad place to be! ;)

  8. Happy Anniversary guys!! What a beautiful couple, so glad you enjoyed your romantic getaway :)

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary Karen! At least you got to spend some of it outdoors... I'm glad you could do that.... The important thing was time spent with your man and you two are so incredibly adorable... I'm glad you had this time together!


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