Tuesday, May 29, 2012

accepting compliments

When people would pay me a compliment, I would always be quick to respond with either an excuse or an explanation.
For example:
You have nice hair.
No, I don't really.  It's frizzy and takes forever to get it this way.
Any compliment came with a blush, embarrassment and reason to show why I didn't deserve it.  Why I did this, I am not sure but after many years I finally learned that a compliment is to make you feel so good.
I used to work with a very wise woman.  She and I had a special bond, we were soul sisters.  One day she looked at me and said, "I'm going to say something to you but you can not respond.  You need to hear it and think about it."  Hesitantly I said ok.  She told me I was beautiful.  I said nothing.  I heard her words.  I felt her words.  I understood why she told me not to respond, because I really believed her.  From that moment on, I accepted compliments with my heart.  If someone was going to say something kind to me, it was because they believed it and I should too.  I love to hear compliments now and even more, I love to give them.  Everywhere I go.  If someone walks by me and smells really good, I will go back and tell that person instead of keeping it to myself.  I keep the compliments people give me and I give back 10 times more.  I think about that conversation between the wise woman and I very often.
When someone gives you a compliment, accept it, show gratitude for it, feel it in you body, deep in your bones.  Allow that compliment to feed your soul the way you deserve it.


  1. You are so right! I too learned to accept a compliment-and I believe it's a learned thing. It's nice to get them but it is wonderful to give them! great post!

  2. Accepting compliments is way harder than it should be. It should be so easy to hear something nice about yourself, but for some reason it's not. : ) This is a great reminder to accept what others love about you, and love those things about yourself.

  3. so true! I struggled for years and now I have learned a simple thank you is enough :)

  4. My Mom is just how you used to be....she never accepts compliments! She will laugh it off, or say something, and I always say, "Mom, just say thank you... don't argue with me!!!" :) Maybe some of us women just think we're not being humble enough if we accept it? I think you're right though, we need to feel it and experience it!

  5. This is wonderful, Karen!
    I completely agree...sometimes, I do the same thing...find it hard to accept compliments. It is so invigorating to compliment people and mean it.

    And that woman is right...you ARE beautiful. In every way.
    Have a sweet night!

  6. I do the same! I love to give compliments... I never hold it in.... not to family, friends, strangers, animals.... I even compliment flowers and trees! LOL I use dot have a hard time accepting compliments as well. It's definitely a learned trait for me.

  7. Karen, you continue to inspire me...every post has some inspirational note...I think you need to change your blog name to 'joyfully happy ever inspiring'!

    Thank you for opening my mind. ; )

  8. I learned this great lesson (finally) about 15 years ago. I love it when my kids respond to compliments. They don't have the filters that adults have and so they full heartedly accept them with "I know!" (Add thank you with mom's prompt...) I've learned to give compliments more freely too and I know all people love to hear them.


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