Monday, June 10, 2013


Hi!  It's been a while hasn't it?  I think instead of trying to play catch up, I will start with the beginning of summer vacation.  Start with the most recent events and see how well I can keep it up.  With the longer days, the warmer nights, the extra giggles I know I will have lots to share.

Let's begin with the last day of school... the day the kids have been waiting (and crying) for since last August.  We celebrated with an impromptu party at the park.

The next morning, the kid and I hopped in the car and drove to Laguna to stay the night with my grandma.  I haven't taken the trip up their alone in a while (because the drive sadly wears me out) but I figured since we were going to spend the night it would be fine.  I made it about 40 minutes and was completely exhausted.  I used to LOVE road trips and now I can't handle 40 minutes??  Whatever.  Soon after we got there, my grandma sent me to bed for a nap.  What a good grandma.

We got up the next morning and headed home with this pretty lady to celebrate her 87th birthday!!!

The cousins all came to help celebrate too!

Which meant I got to hang out with my twin sister...

And my awesome sister-in-law with her freshly painted nails.

AND this guy!! Love him!

These guys didn't want to go home... so they didn't.

So here were are on day, oh I don't know, 4? of summer vacation and our brains are already fried.  We are looking forward to sleeping in, staying up late, lots of play dates, swimming, beach days.  Oh man, just writing that makes me exhausted... but happy!!

A little health update:
I was supposed to have a doctors appointment with the mitochondrial specialist in December (that one didn't happen because lab work was never submitted) so the appointment was made for May.  Unfortunately UCSD had a 2 day strike and needed to cancel appointments.  Mine was one of them.  I'm not sure when it will be rescheduled for but in the meantime I have been in contact with the founder of the lab where my muscle biopsy is.  The geneticist called me a few weeks ago and explained a bit about what mutations and variations they are finding in my DNA that are causing the disease.  We are getting Wyatt tested through this lab as well.  It will take about 4 months before we get the results.  I'm not ready to go into too much detail about Wyatt's health but he hasn't been feeling that great for a while.  He will be having an upper endoscopy on Wednesday (as long as his cold is gone) at Children's Hospital which I am really eager to get the results for.  I am a bit freaked out about the anesthesia because of my reactions to it but I know he is in a great  place and in really good hands.  So, if you would... could you pray for my little guy?

 Feels good to be back :)  Thanks for the encouragement to start blogging again.  (you know who you are) 

Happy Summertime!!


  1. Will definitely say prayers for Wyatt! I'm glad you're writing again!

  2. So glad you are blogging. Your posts are always thoughtful AND thought-provoking. Keeping both you and Wyatt in prayer. So mad they cancelled your appt.

    Oh, and your ability to drive (or rather, it tiring you out) is NOT a reflection of who YOU are. It's a reflection of the disease. YOU are perfect!!!

  3. what i left two comments and neither of them showed up?? i said will be praying for wyatt and for the rest of your family as you go through these trials. then i said you remind me of paul when he was writing philippians while he was in prison. he had no idea what his future was or what would happen to him but he still found complete happiness in God

  4. You and your family always have my prayers! It's great to hear from you :)

  5. Dude so glad your back! And super happy summer vacation has started!!

    Please keep us updated on Wyatt's procedure.

    As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    (PS: I am sooooo freaking frustrated with UCSD!!! I know preaching to the choir, but still, UG!!!)


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