Saturday, December 29, 2012

8 years ago today

8 years ago today it was pouring rain and cold outside.  Anthony was at work and happened to get himself in the newspaper while doing a swift water rescue on a couple that was stuck in a flooded area.  I was pregnant and "nesting" as I dragged my mom around town to every store to make sure everything was done.  I wasn't due until January 20th but something was telling me I needed to get a pedicure, stock my fridge and grab a few things from town.  With each stop we made my mom was begging me to slow down, relax and saying ridiculous things like "this can all wait."  The weather was actually bad for SoCal.  While in the produce section of the grocery store I leaned over the cart and had a huge contraction.  Not thinking too much of it other than maybe I did need to take a break, we kept shopping.  We went back to my house and had a nice salad and I drank about a half gallon of water.  Again, still in complete denial that I would go into labor this early.  I sent my mom home even though she asked to stay the night.  I assured her I was FINE and sent her on her way.  You see, she didn't want to have to drive back in the middle of the night.  Fast forward to 2:00 a.m (December 30th) and I awoke to a pop and then my water broke.  I called Anthony and told him what happened.  I also said my contractions were 1 minute apart but they didn't hurt much at all so I'm sure I can wait until he gets home at 8:30.  He said ok and went back to sleep.  I hung up and cried.  Called my mom and heard something on the lines of "I told you so" and the reassurance that she was on her way.  Anthony called back about 2 minutes later and I was still crying because I didn't want to be alone.  An hour later he showed up with his partner and we gathered a few things and hopped in the ambulance.  (I got to ride shotgun)  We got checked in and Anthony told me he would probably have to leave.  Thankfully he didn't.  Someone came in to work for him and it all worked out great.  I quickly pushed out a healthy baby girl as the doctor was running in.  

Today Alexis celebrated her birthday with one of her friends.

First stop was the nail salon

I was inspired by this craft on Pinterest (I'm not sure where craft ideas came from before Pinterest)

 Make a wish beautiful, I'm making one for you too!

Tomorrow morning she has requested breakfast in bed with her American girl doll and bowling with the family.

I'm looking forward to celebrating 8 wonderfully blessed years with the girl that changed my life forever and made me a mom.


  1. Time goes by so fast. My littles are 6 and 10 now! Looks like she had a wonderful bday.

  2. Looks like a great day. :) Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Happy Birthday to Alexis!! She is beautiful and looks like she had an amazing time celebrating! Love the jars and loved reading the story of the day she was born. Have fun bowling tomorrow and a very HAPPY NYE and NYD! Xoxox

  4. Happy Birthday to Alexis! It looks like you all had a fabulous day. I love the photo of her making a sweet.

  5. oh man. this post has me wanting to cry. I can and cannot wait to have a baby girl. oh dear.


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