Friday, April 13, 2012

a bedroom re-do

A while back I got it in my mind that Alexis needed her room re decorated.  I talked her into changing it up so together we went to Anthony and said how important it was to her/us to get a new look.  
After a few weeks/months, maybe even a year, we/he finally started.  This awesome husband of mine spent every single one of his days off working in her room, inhaling paint fumes and watching me screw things up instead of help.

Here is what we started with.  It was a bitter sweet to change it because my mom made those valences for Alexis before she was born.  I'm keeping them but have no idea what to do with them now.

We brought in some extra help.  These helpers were so eager to work that they couldn't even stand still.  Putting two excited kids in a garage full of wet oil based paint caused for some paint covered hands and re-sanding/painting.

My handsome painter

And this here is why I cause more harm than good when it comes to painting.  I'm trying to learn and the only way to learn is to keep practicing.  But it keeps getting more expensive because now I have to go buy all new hardware... (I'm kind of excited about this, shhhh)

This headboard will be getting re-sanded and painted again.  Oops.

This is what happened when I tried to use that RIT to dye the bed skirt.  A new one was ordered and should be here in a week.

This project has been a lot of fun for me.  I'm not sure if everyone in this house can say the same thing but for me I have been happy the whole time.  I'm excited to get the new curtains and hang everything on the walls.  Don't worry, I won't be doing the hanging myself.  When Anthony took everything off the walls he couldn't figure out why there were 4-6 holes to hang one frame.  I just kept banging nails in the wall until it was even.  Apparently that wasn't the "right" way to do it.  You guys, it's very important to find studs and use molly's and screws.

Stay tuned for the final reveal.  The curtains will be in next week.  I'm so excited!


  1. Super cute! I love the little flower details on the wall. Red's my favorite color. Great job! :)

    xx Jessica

  2. Looks like a lot of work but also like it was totally worth it! :)

  3. I paint like you do. :) Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. You always make me smile...Thanks!

  5. talk about a family that redoes a room together stays together. what a great job so far cant wait for the final reveal karen and i love how the whole family is pitching in

  6. oooh I love re-do's that we can do ourselves like this, and getting everyone involved and being thrifty! These are the best kinds of make-overs, can't wait to see the final reveal! fun!

  7. I love redecorating. The hubby and I should be getting our house soon... so stay tuned to for that!

    XO Lori

  8. Ohhhhh the anticipation! I can hardly wait to see the finished room!!!!!! :)
    Hope you've had a good week friend!
    Have a relaxing weekend!

  9. You could re-use the valences to make throw pillows, kitchen placemats, or fancy napkins!! Cannot wait to see the finished room!

  10. Hehehe good intentions though, right? You tried your best :)
    I can't wait for the reveal...

  11. i can't wait to see the finished product! i loved the photos of your little sweet.
    you had me laughing :) i am the WORST when it comes to anything handy. i always try, and end up feeling like tim the tool man ;)
    wishing you lots more fun with decorating.
    have a happy monday <3

  12. can't wait to see!! spray paint is my paint of choice when "re-modeling" :)


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