Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi Ya'll.  Yep, I said ya'll, I am from the south and from south I mean Southern California.  We don't talk like this but I think it sounds so darn cute.  I am doing my very first link up of What I Wore Wednesday and I gotta tell you I felt pretty awkward taking photos of myself.  I had my daughter give it a try but being all of 40" wasn't really helping with the angle.

Here I am on the first day of fall :)  
jacket: Old Navy
leggings: Old Navy
dress: thrifted
boots: Charlotte Russe
bracelet: lucky ~ gifted

 Since we are in So Cal, the boats and jacket only stayed on for the morning fog.  Fall for us means 80*

Well, that was fun!  I may have been the only one having fun but that's all that matters, right?

pleated poppy


  1. Welcome to WIWW! Isn't it fun? Your outfit is adorable and I love the bright color of your dress! Especially contrasted with the darker colors.

  2. I love this outfit!!!! U look super cute!! Those boots are freaking awesome! I think i need a jean jacket.. I'll be on the search for that one.. they are perfect for fall!!

    Pieces of Luv

  3. karen! super cute! love those boots.
    and your pretty smile! xo

  4. Welcome to WIWW! It is the most fun. So glad you joined in!

    I think you look amazing! Love the boots, and the color is gorgeous!

    Happy Fall!

  5. Loving your blog and your outfits! I'm your newest follower :) hope to see you around my place sometime ;) xx

  6. What a cute outfit! If your daughter is like mine, she had fun too.

  7. You are a prime example of why 40 is the NEW 30 & 30 is the NEW 20! You're one magnificent mama!!!

  8. Cute outfit and love that is can be transitioned for the warmer part of the day! I heart "y'all" and southern talk too!

  9. FYI ~ Charlotte @ Cow Girls Clippings gave you a nice mention today!

  10. welcome to wiww!! i love your outfit... and it is awkward taking photos of yourself but you get more used to it.

  11. How have I not found your blog earlier than this? I Absolutely love it! Can't wait to keep reading!


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